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How To Buy Bitcoin at Binance?

click here to sign up at Binance

Step 1: How To Open An Account (click the link below and you’ll be redirected to the registration page )

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It is important you bookmark the Binance page because there are phishing sites that look like Binance but it isn’t. You must be careful to see the webpage says https and it has a secure (SSL) certificate which tells you that it is a legit website.

Step 2: Complete the sign up process.

Enter your email address and the password you will use for your account (Make sure you add at least 1 special character, number and try to make your password hard to guess). A new window will open and you screen will look like this image. This is the registration page.

If you are signing in from a mobile device,

Please Type in: 35142388

Thank you for adding this code above where it says referral code. Put a check beside the Binance terms and conditions page. Click Create Account. You will now see a puzzle image

Binance has a puzzle, it is a security feature which is cool to prove you are not a robot, go ahead and slide the puzzle to the spot. An email will now be sent to you.

Step 3 Email Verification window will pop up

Once you slide the puzzle you will get this window that will pop up below

Once you click create account on the registration page, Binance will send the verification code to your email and the verification code will be valid for 30 minutes.

Remember, you inputed your email in step 2, example:[email protected] Go ahead and login to your e-mail account and please check your spam box, trash or junk folder for the Binance verification email.

Open the e-mail, your email will look like this image below. Type in the 6 digit number

binance verification email

Next step – Enter Binance Verification code

sign up binance

please read the security tips below

  • Do not give your password to anyone! There are lots of hackers and thieves out there that would like to steal your bitcoin
  • Make sure you are visiting to preventing any phishing attacks, you can prevent these attacks by taking these steps. Always make sure that is why we asked you to bookmark the website. click the check mark.
  • Next thing, Never install any browser plug-ins to be claiming to be associated with Binance, check that off.
  • Never make any phone calls to anyone that claims to be binance support represtatitives, check that off.
  • Never disclose your: Password, Sms Authentication code, google 2-Factor Authentication (2FA), including binance support that should share with no one, no one on this planet, check that off.
  • DO NOT SEND any money to anyone claiming to be a member of the Binance support team, Binance only offers chat support and no human bring from Binance will ever call you, check that off. Click I understand and continue

Step 4: Enable the 2-Factor Authentication (2FA)

The most important step, you will see a pop up window asking you to go to the Apple app store or google play to download the Google 2-Factor Authentication app. We highly recommend you don’t skip this step. There are 4 steps to enable your Google 2-Factor Authentication.

Once you click the Google Authentication button, you will see this image below

Step 1:
Download and install the Google Authenticator in App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android). After installation, click【Next】to proceed further.

Step 2:
Once you have downloaded the Google Authenticator, go to your smartphone and launch your google Authenticator app, click the + symbol on your phone, you will see this screen, tap on the Camera scan barcode icon, hold your camera so it is pointing at the bar code on your computer monitor, scan the bar code in the Google Authenticator app.

Step 2 con’t:
How to manually type in your QR Code, follow the instructions on this page. Tap the + sign, tap the manual entry pen icon, then a window asking for your Binance email address will pop up on your phone Remember, you inputed your email in step 2, use
the same e-mail that you registered with for the Binance account, type in your email address where it says [email protected] during the Binance registration process. Where it says key, type in your code that you were given, in this example I would type AMXCAS7…. which is what appears in the step 2, but your code would be entirely different

Click next

Step 3: Save your key

Please write your Binance e-mail, password and your scan code in a notebook and don’t lose this. MAKE sure you put Google Authenticator code in a fire proof safe. You must be able to access this in case someone steals your smart phone or you buy a new phone, if you don’t have a back up you could lose all your bitcoin or cryptocurrency.

Step 4: Enable Google Authenticator

CLICK send code

Log in to your email and open up the email, your email will look like this image below. Put in the Bind 2FA Verification code that Binance sent you in the E-mail verification code box in the step 4 of the Binance Set up.

Launch Google Authenticator app on your phone, you will see a 6 digit number under Binance above your email address. Type in your 6 digit code into the Google verification code box in the step 4 of the Binance Set up. WIZARD

Click the yellow Submit button when you are done

You have now succcessfully enabled your Google 2FA. Well done!

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